Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

What is the Business Model Canvas? 

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a simple framework that contains the key aspects of a company's operations - creating a common platform for the company's different business area managers to think together, assess the situation and identify possible strategic directions.

What problems does BMC answer?

Every company aims to operate and continuously improve the value creation process, in which the activities of the different areas - marketing, sales, production, service - are closely interlinked. Effective change management and strategy planning is based on seeing all aspects of the business at the same time and on management speaking the same language - the Business Model Canvas ensures this.

What results can we expect from the Business Model Canvas?

The BMC is a very simple tool to create a common platform for management thinking, to define strategic objectives and context. It creates a common language and understanding among the management team, showing the company's operations clearly and in context, helping to set the right direction for development

Typical questions: 

  • Is there a specific method or set of questions for completing the BMC?
    To help you fill in the canvas, you can use the questions for the fields in the template. The suggested sequence includes pairs of fields: value proposition - customer segment, contact - channel, partners - key activities - resources, revenues - expenses.
  • How long will it take to complete the BMC?What is the advantage of thinking in objectives and key results for the leadership? 
    Completing the BMC is typically a half-day/one day activity for a company's senior management.
  • Which companies should use a BMC?
    Practically regardless of size and stage of development, it makes sense to complete the BMC - as every company has a business model. Experience has shown that documenting a business model helps us to structure and prioritise our ideas for development and efficiency improvements. The canvas helps us to see the company's opportunities and problems all at once, on one A4 sheet.


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