4 Lighthouses

why, how and with what

What are the 4 lighthouses?

Some catchy, easy-to-understand phrases, concepts. The sharpest framework, the easiest way for every manager and colleague to understand why, how and with what they can create the most value in their work in their company.

What challenges the 4 lighthouses answers?

How can we be much more focused, purposeful and committed? It gives a strong framework for what, why and how we plan, implement and evaluate. In most organisations, if you ask even a few employees why they come in to work on top of their salary, you will get very different answers. It is no different when we ask colleagues and managers where their company is going and what are the ways they want to get there.

Yet it is the acceptance and conscious application of the intention, the vision, the mission and the core values that underpin the quality of the operation of a company and, through this, its competitiveness. They therefore form the basis of corporate strategy, but also set the framework for operating models, management style, methods and organisational culture.

The quality of these frameworks is determined by the quality of the answers to the basic questions of why (1), where (2), how (3) and what values (4).


What are the main steps?

  • The process of creating or updating a strategy may vary depending on the maturity of the company and the seniority of its managers. The formulation of the 4 lighthouses is usually followed by the outline of the business model (BMC), followed by the coordinated formulation and monitoring of the corporate and departmental strategic objectives and key results (OKR).
  • Identification of dilemmas , problems in individual discussions and group workshop methods, for which we intend to use this approach in particular. For example: increasing market share, aligning or strengthening the focus of the management team, management succession, supporting sustainability of rapid growth, market or product portfolio change.
  • Understanding the expectations of owners, the motivation of the first manager and senior management.
  • In a facilitated and provoked open discussion, support the first manager and/or/and then senior management in articulating their purpose, vision, mission and core values in a self-identified, clear, effective and understandable way.
  • Middle management refines, validates and commits to the formulation of the beacons in a group validation workshop.
  • Senior management makes it known, understood and relevant to the whole company through face-to-face forums and other means.

What results can we expect from the 4 Lighthouses?

  • Clear guidance on setting and evaluating goals, expectations, tasks, priorities.
  • It tends to bring significant increases in commitment and motivation.
  • It can also be expected to increase the recruitment and integration efficiency of new colleagues.


  • How long does it take to formulate the 4 Lighthouses?
    The time spent on drafting - or updating - for senior management is 1-2 working days. The time spent involving managers and colleagues is also 1-2 working days, depending on the size of the organisation.

  • Why will it work , create values and will not ’flog a dead horse’?
    Three factors determine the usability and usefulness of the 4 Lighthouses: the first is the attitude used when they are created or upgraded. It is worth being uncompromising in the truth of these ideas, in their clear, everyday expression and in their full and consensual acceptance by senior management. The second factor is how managers incorporate the directions and values set by 4 Lighthouses into the organisation's systems (performance appraisal, incentives, budgeting) and management methods. The third key is the representation of this thinking by the first manager and senior management every day, whether it is managing operations, planning the business or implementing improvements.

How can I get more from the Kürt Academy than if we answer ourselves or with other consultants to these 4 basic questions?

We maximise the creating and usage value of the 4 Lighthouses through our professional approach. We hope our 4 Lighthouses say a lot about this too:

As well as our core values (the qualities we expect from each other, and without which we cannot and will not work): integrity, team spirit, agility, professionalism, optimism and a sense of mission. We have stories about each of these values. If a value is being compromised in our work, we will address it!

+ We are practicing owner-managers who matured applying modern management methodologies. This gives our work a strong business focus, drawing from a series of successes and failures, and the collaboration of our professional community, going well beyond the theoretical

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