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The strategy is an action plan to achieve the company's future position in its own market. The framework for the action plan is the company's identity, vision and mission. Various strategic input tools are available to develop action plans.

The biggest challenge, however, is the preparation of the strategy and the integration of the strategy into the day-to-day activities of the whole organisation. An agile strategy framework helps to ensure that the owner, management and employees have the right level of detail about the company's goals and objectives, so that they can contribute to achieving them through their day-to-day decisions.


The 'agile framework' service is structured as 1-2 day workshops per element. The typical working method is a workshop facilitated by an organisational development expert, where after a short theoretical introduction and examples, we work together to develop a specific element of the agile strategy framework under the mentorship of our expert.


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  • Denkstatt Magyarország

    Denkstatt Magyarország

  • T-Systems


    Development of Corporate Strategy - 4 Lighthouses, BMC, OKR

  • Magyar Telekom

    Magyar Telekom

    Implementation of Agile Framework - OKR, Support of Agile Transformation, Agile trenings

  • Schiller Autó Család

    Schiller Autó Család

    Development of Corporate Strategy - based on 4 Lighthouses, BMC and OKR

  • SPAR Magyarország

    SPAR Magyarország

    Alignment of the senior management team, Design of strategic Agile processes, COVID crisis management, Data-driven leadership



    Alignment of the senior management team, Renewal of strategic processes based on OKR, Implementation of Bimodal operation

  • OTP Bank

    OTP Bank

    senior management workshop on Bimodal operation

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