Leadership Challenges

We build future-proof organisations. Value-driven, flexible and learning organizations that create value for customers, owners, and employees. That create empowerment-based, involving cultures, mobilizing creative energies from all levels of the organization. To achieve this, the quality of 'leadership with a capital L' is essential, and the preparation of leaders, whose everyday example fundamentally shapes the culture of any organisation - and through that culture, the engagement and performance of its people.

We work with leaders. We support them to fulfil their leadership role, to lead their teams and companies with courage, awareness, comfort and effectiveness. We help them to develop their skills, find their individual goals and motivation, and develop their role awareness.

We work with teams. We support them to formulate truly shared goals and work together effectively to achieve them. We help to resolve conflicts, establish clear communication and build trust in each other.

We work with entire organisations. We support them to change, evolve, innovate and become agile in a rapidly changing environment. We help them to plan for change, to identify the forces driving change and to overcome the difficulties of transition.

We work with HR teams. We support them as experts, so they can take responsibility for the success of the business as strategic partners. We help you find the optimal operating model, brand HR, develop specific HR tools and systems.

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  • Denkstatt Magyarország

    Denkstatt Magyarország

    Developing a corporate strategy and metrics, developing and implementing a performance incentive system

  • T-Systems


    Developing corporate strategy and metrics, assessing organisational culture

  • Magyar Telekom

    Magyar Telekom

  • OTP Bank

    OTP Bank

  • Schiller Autó Család

    Schiller Autó Család

    Developing corporate strategy and metrics, supporting senior management team collaboration, coaching processes

  • EGIS


  • Rockwool


    Series of leadership cooperation and skills development programmes, team coaching processt



    Developing corporate strategy and metrics, supporting senior management team collaboration, developing leadership role awareness, coaching processes

  • SPAR Magyarország

    SPAR Magyarország

    Development of corporate strategy and metrics, a series of management development programmes based on comprehensive organisational diagnostics, Lean redesign of commercial processes, support for agile operations

  • Lidl


    A series of extensive leadership development programmes over several years based on comprehensive organisational diagnostics, collaborative development of management teams, HR team development, individual and team coaching processes

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